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Don’t venture into a volatile market without an experienced guide. We are Professional Jewelry Services, an independent Property and Casualty Insurance Adjusting Service, specializing in jewelry-related claims adjusting, damage evaluations, fraud investigations and salvage recovery.  Don't be left wondering... know the facts.


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Give your customers the peace of mind that  comes with knowing that a neutral appraiser confirms the value of what you are selling.  We work with all sizes of jewelry stores and chain stores.  Let us put a gold star on your reputation for fair pricing.



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In a world that seems to thrive on disputes and litigation where items of value are concerned, Professional Jewelry Services is here to help.  We combine the knowledge of a Registered Gemologist Appraiser and Graduate Jeweler with the background and experience of a licensed Insurance Agent to create a document that holds up under the toughest scrutiny.  We prepare every appraisal to withstand being challenged in court and therefore, are willing to take the stand and prove our findings in cases where it may be unclear as to who is at fault for a loss event.


Identification & Appraisal Services for Jewelers


The last 50 years has seen gold prices swing wildly.  In such a market, it is imperative to have your personal jewelry re-appraised every two years to keep pace with its current market value.  We bring a highly technical gemological lab, equipped with the most cutting edge tools and equipment and operated by world-class gemologists.  Assessments are done in our Eagle River, WI lab while you watch and wait.  your jewelry never has to leave your sight.



Send us your damaged diamond claims and we will provide you with qualified results based on experience, knowledge and solid investigative techniques.  We know how to identify losses due to manufacturing defect and will help you maximize your subrogation return.  With many years of experience in the jewelry industry as goldsmiths, appraisers and gemstone dealers we identify all issues surrounding a loss and document the facts.  Maximize Salvage Recovery:  With our experience in the jewelry industry, we know how to help you retain the maximum recovery for your salvage.  If you have a major claims loss of jewelry due to dwelling or commercial fire, let Professional Jewelry Services investigate the claims to maximize your salvage recovery. ​

Mysterious Disappearance:  The only reason this term exists is because we can't get to EVERY claim filed.  We don't believe that stones just "fall out" of jewelry.  Neither should you.  Let us tell you what really happened.